We don't want you either

Isn’t it wonderful how, at a time where trans people face unprecedented levels of violence and public scrutiny, the battle that cis gay men are choosing to fight is to keep trans men out of their spaces? There’s nothing new about this animosity, as any trans guy will be able to tell you, but fuck if it hasn’t ramped up in recent times along with all the other hate campaigns against trans people.

The most amusing part of it all is the presumption that we want to sleep with these dudes in the first place. I know I don’t. Not because I’m not attracted to men, but because I’m not attracted to people who can’t respect me and my bodily autonomy, and who pose a threat to my livelihood. It’s simple maths.

Transmasculine people face one of the highest rates of abuse, sexual assault and suicide among not just the queer community but any one group of people. The idea that trans men en masse are “forcing” cis gays to fuck us or be attracted to us is so absurd I can’t even bring myself to digest it.

Here’s the thing: when I die, the name on my grave won’t be mine and the person they mourn won’t be me. Being told by men who get to experience life as I never will that I somehow wield power over them and am responsible for their oppression feels like being the butt of a joke I’ll never be in on.