Down memory lane

Warning: This entry contains discussions of suicide

I’m cleaning out my old room. Lots of stuff to toss away and lots of stuff to reminisce about. Got a little choked up when I found some empty medicine containers and an unopened suicide note from when I overdosed. My mind was pretty fogged up after I came back from the hospital and I either forgot or couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them, so they remained frozen in place ever since.

In a way their state of inertia mirrors my own. Is that symbolic? Will I be able to move on now that the last physical traces of what happened have been permanently discarded? I don’t know. I don’t think I believe in that stuff.

On a (much) lighter note, I also found this CD-ROM from almost two decades ago:

A pink CD with the title “Super Games from Ronald McDonald’s Crew” in Brazilian Portuguese

It came with a McDonald’s Happy Meal, LOL. I used to play the included games all the time in my family’s old and bulky computer. My favorite one is a platformer called “Resgate dos Bichos” (“Animal Rescue” in English).

I looked it up to see if anyone else remembers its existence and turns out not only is the answer yes but it’s also readily available for download on My Abandonware.

I know what I’m spending my evening on.